Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Order for KH1 cancelled

I placed an order for a KH1 on October 20, when the shipping date was "4-6 weeks". Today is the 8th week with a new projected shipping date of mid-January.

A big justification for placing the order was the anticipated ease of taking the tiny rig on a late December cruise and operating from one or two ports, or from the ship itself (we have a balcony cabin).

Subsequent activity with the rig would be Florida POTA's that require a kayak or canoe to access - and just plain having fun with a new radio.

I very much suspect that 4-6 months after new users receive their KH1's that the rigs will begin to appear on the used market in higher numbers than would be the case if the radio weren't designed to appeal to such a small niche. After the newness wears off, many owners will realize that they don't operate within that narrow slice of the hobby, myself included.

But if I still really want one in 6 months, I'll probably be able to pick up a used one that will be delivered within a week.

Recent excursions with my new-to-me KX2, with twice the power, all HF bands and all modes - but still a 3-4 month wait for new orders! - make me realize that I'd probably be disappointed with the KH1. That might not be the case if I lived in a state with SOTA locations, but Florida has none.

So to those with orders higher than #41354: I just moved you one step ahead in the line.




  1. I don’t blame you John - especially as you have the amazing KX2.

    (By the way, did you receive that image of the motorbike I sent you)?

    73, Tom, M7MCQ

  2. Hi John,
    I respect your opinion and agonised over a KH1. Decided I could not justify nearly 2K Aus. I am enjoying the 705 so much for POTA with my new knees (which pretty much preclude SOTA). I think you made a good decision.
    Glen, VK1FB

    1. Hello Glen,

      I feel pretty good about the dent my VISA card will now not be taking.

      Taxes and shipping here put the KH1 at $1215. That'll buy a Lab599 TX500 or (almost) an IC-705 - and I almost spent that on a 5-band, CW-only rig in the name of minimalism? Phew!


  3. I had a KX2 on order when the KH1 came out. I stuck with th KX2 after a short consideration of how I operate. I am very pleased with the KX2, it works the way I need it to.