I've been enjoying this hobby since 1978 when I was a skinny little whippersnapper growing up in Tyler, Texas. Primary interests are DXing and QRP, mostly CW in both pursuits. I also like to build kits, tinker with antennas, operate from the field and copy FT8 by ear. Well, all except that last part.

US Navy veteran, Submarines, 1984-1993, electronic surveillance, inertial navigation systems. USS Barb (SSN-596) and other assignments took me to VQ9, VK, 9V, HS, VS6, DU, JA, VE7, KH6, KL7, XE, OA, KG6 and all over the US.

Those were the days.....


Lived in NY and NJ for many years after the Navy, finally made it back to Texas in 2006, then in 2022 I work on radar and other air traffic control systems retired and moved to central Florida.

I live in an antenna-restricted community (I know, I know) but operate portable and mobile frequently and from locations to which we travel (periodically as HC5JHT).

Ham radio has played a big part in both my Navy and post-Navy careers.

73, John AE5X
Previous callsigns: AA5YX KA5BBL VQ9BL