Thursday, August 24, 2023

Hardrock 50 now has upgrade kit available

My Hardrock 50 is now five years old and has performed flawlessly. Although I use it only intermittently, I was briefly interested when I learned that an "upgrade kit" is now available.

With the kit installed, the HR-50 becomes an HR-50+ and produces a 100 watt output on 10-80 meters (60-70 watts on 6m).

The kit replaces the front panel and the main RF board in the original HR-50.

One device, rather than two, now provide RF amplification, and the front panel displays more information simultaneously.

Unfortunately, two big disadvantages come with the upgrade:

  • the need for a 50V power supply and,
  • incompatibility of the regular HR-50's QSK board.

Details on the upgrade kit can be found here.



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