Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Potential replacement for a past mistake?

My old SDR twins
I'll bet everyone reading this - both of you - has, at one time or another, sold a rig and then regretted it.

Being an over-achiever, I've accomplished this feat several times. One of those radios was an Apache Labs Anan-10e.

No equivalent has been made since (by any manufacturer) and the 10e's are as scarce as hen's teeth on the used market. A bit similar was the Flex 1500.

Both of these radios are QRP SDR transceivers that require an attachment to a PC in order to operate. Both Flex and Apache Labs still make such radios (though not QRP) but they are spec'd and priced at more than what I want from such a radio.

Flex and Apache Labs differ in two distinct ways:

  • Flex is "thin pipe"; Apache Labs is "thick pipe"
  • Flex uses proprietary software; Apache Labs is open-source

Tom M7MCQ recently posted news of what may allow me to recapture the benefits of what it was like to have my old 10e.

Screenshots of the software used to run the upcoming OL-SDR are vaguely reminiscent of openHDSDR used with many Apache Labs rigs.

I'll be keeping a close eye on any news regarding the eventual availability of the OL-SDR and hope to be the first kid on my block to have one, as long as they aren't "crazy-money proud of it". 

I know Flex is rumored to have a new rig ready to be announced in a few days in Dayton; hopefully, OL-SDR will too.




  1. Good morning John yes regrets come hard and fast once you are looking in the review mirror. For me it was my beloved Elecraft loaded K3.

    1. Right, the K3 is another one. So was the KX2 but I remedied that. Radio-nostalgia can be expensive!


    2. I am on SDR number three after selling a Multis Proficio and a Flex 5000. Current radio is a SunSDR2 DX. This one is sticking around.

      All three radios have one big thing in common, great receivers.

      The other thing I like is computer control. On all three radios the software based control meshes well with me.

      I am evolving into adding phone to my operating the features in a true SDR are very compelling.

      Jim KF9VV