Wednesday, March 20, 2024

UHSDR aligned: Where does the mcHF clone excel?

I spent about an hour and a half today with the mcHF clone on the bench undergoing a full alignment. The radio, not me.

Alignment of this radio is simple and the instructions are menu-driven & easy to follow - but there are a lot of optional settings that go a long way toward configuring the radio to operate in a manner that makes ergonomic and operational sense.

If I had not owned a mcHF for a number of years, I would not know about those settings without delving more deeply into the various menu items available.

So why a mcHF clone?

  • Genuine mcHF's are no longer available new
  • For $350 I have a 10-80m, all mode QRP transceiver that is a real performer, not a gimmick radio
  • Built-in sound card for easy digital operation with CAT, audio in, audio out - all on a single USB cable
  • The mcHF firmware is now mature. But there are at least two others developing new features into this rig, with different functionality and different on-screen info/accessibility
  • For the price, I can take the rig motorcycling and not worry about heat or mechanical vibration possibly damaging an expensive radio. It's not a $1500 KX2 if I accidentally leave it in the car on a summer day.
  • The alignments are great for learning the new test equipment that many hams now have, ie, the TinySA.

With my old mcHF, I worked 84 DXCC entities on CW and 53 on FT8. This new clone seems identical in performance. I bought my original mcHF as a back-up portable rig and ended up using it more than the radio(s) it was meant to back up.

For $350, it's too capable of a radio not to have.

First contact after the alignment was a 15m CW contact with Stu M0TTQ who was activating a park near Portsmouth, England:




  1. Well John, you wrote about this radio in the past. I think it is a very nice rig especially for digimodes. I see it is working very well on CW as well. I think SSB will be no problem. An excellent rig for portable use and like you wrote it is very cheap. The only set back is that you really need to align things. But you can probabely find the how to on youtube. 73, Bas

    1. Good morning Bas,

      These radios are best thought of as pre-built kits that "sort of work" but still need a final alignment. Still, for the $$$ I consider them a good value.

      There are a few YT videos on alignment but they are incomplete and therefore not very confidence-inspiring IMO. Best to just follow the written instructions.