Saturday, February 17, 2024

New all-mode QRP kit on the way

I'll be exploring the 20-meter band with a new rig soon, but first, I'll have to drizzle some solder onto its bits and parts.


The Explorer is a small SSB-CW-digital modes monoband kit offered for 20, 40 or 80 meters.

Offered by Steve G6ALU of Radio-Kits, the Explorer seems to offer quite a bit of functionality into a small size - such as IF shift and split capability with VFO-A/B.

Years ago, Radio-Kits sold the MKARS80, an 80m SSB-only rig. I built two of them (one for a friend) and found it to be a fun rig, both to build and operate.

The assembly instructions (pdf) can be downloaded here.




  1. So disappointing ... there aren't 450 tiny surface mount components. ;}
    Looks like a very enjoyable build. Thanks John for pointing it out. Something to look forward to.

    1. No, my days of building with surface mount components are behind me! I never enjoyed it. I hope we have another couple of cool rainy days soon after the kit would have been perfect for melting solder.


    2. Hi John
      Just received my kit, and you are so right, there are a lot of parts. But fortunately the leaded components won't fly away should I sneeze at the wrong time. The PCB's are very high quality and the instructions look to be "Heathkit" quality (oops, I'm dating myself). There are many nice features, so this transceiver should do well in the field. Good luck with your build.

    3. Thanks Steve - same to you! Which band did you order?