Friday, October 13, 2023

Others who Motorcycle-POTA

I've recently learned that I'm far from alone in combining HF ham radio with motorcycling. The POTA program provides for a fun and interesting addition to what might otherwise be a non-stop morning ride on a beautiful day.

What a great way to stretch our legs and take a break!

Confession: Sometimes, after returning home and shutting down the bike, the heat of the ticking engine taps out "73".

Does your bike do that?!

Thank you! to the following ops/riders who have allowed me to share photos of the set-ups they use to activate parks, arrived at via motorcycles:

Tom's (M7MCQ) set-up includes a Honda CB650R and the FX-4CR:




Coming soon to a park near me... I wanted to try something new and maybe combine 2 favorite activities. Buddipole shock cord mast tie-wrapped to the GS Adventure, Versa Tee, MFJ 17' whip, one radial - good for 20m and up. I'll need to add a coil and use the lighter Buddi-whip and arms for 40 and 30. Up against the house with only 5 watts, and 599 both ways to AC6NT who was in a park, K-0642. Not bad... de ke2sx



This is my usual setup for parks on the air:
FX4CR, Wolf River 21ft telescoping whip. 4x 33ft radials (not pictured). NEC 12v 7ah LiFePO4 battery. Rig expert stick 230 antenna analyzer.
I also frequently tote a wolf river 10-40m coil if I feel like working 40m.
Secondary antennas are a buddistick pro with a wolf river coil instead of the Buddi one (too fragile). Xtenna EFHW (does not get much use as parks are getting persnickety about things in trees but I do use it sometimes when I take my pickup as I can tote my mast). When I use the efhw I use an old MFJ-901 manual tuner or an Antuner 100M (which is a wonderful tiny auto tuner).  

Honda Africa Twin



Suzuki V-Strom, Elecraft KX2




Honda Shadow, (tr)uSDX




Honda XR650 Dual Sport, TR-35 


Thanks again to these ops for the photos. If any other moto-POTA ops feel like sharing images of the gear they use, please send me photos for inclusion here.


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