Tuesday, November 8, 2022

.22 caliber small storage containers

Ever since I was a kid, I've enjoyed shooting .22 rifles - and I still do. They're cheap to shoot and a lot of fun.

Only recently - after throwing so many away - have I realized that the plastic boxes the bullets are packaged in are perfect for storing small parts like toroids, RF adapters, etc.

The 50-round boxes can hold many electronic components and the 100-round boxes are long enough for tweezers, small screwdrivers,  tweakers, AA, AAA, 9V batteries.

Both size boxes are durable and most brands (CCI, Federal, Winchester) have removable lids that slide on and off.

Before the shoot





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    1. No, other countries as well. Cabela's Canada, for example:

      John AE5X

    2. I think he was commenting on the gun culture in the US. I agree with you and do reuse these containers