Monday, October 10, 2022

TR-45L goes QRO

One of the things I like most about my Hardrock-50 is its compatibility with any QRP rig - no PTT-OUT necessary.

The HR-50 can be keyed in either of two ways: via a PTT signal from a QRP transceiver that provides it or via a carrier-operated relay that keys the amp when it senses RF from a transceiver.

The amp has been dormant for many months so I decided to take it along on this morning's POTA activation of Flying Eagle Preserve (K-5220) in central Florida.

I kept  the antenna installation simple by just using an MFJ-1979 telescoping whip screwed into a magnet mount on top of my car when on 17 and 20 meters. I sat up on the Preserve's solitary picnic table.

But I started out on 30 and 40 meters - a Wolf River coil was added to the whip for these bands. A single 30-foot radial completed the antenna. The HR-50's internal ATU kept things at 1:1 on all bands.

The Penntek TR-45L was powered by its internal Li-Ion battery, and my 12AH Bioenno powered the amp.

Contacts on all bands were quick and numerous for the entire two hour period, ranging from Idaho to Poland, France & Switzerland. A few QRP stalwarts were worked, including Jim W1PID on two bands (and heard on three) and Dave K1SWL.

The QSB that seems like a frequent component of 20m lately was there today, but much diminished.

As always, thanks for the contacts and spots.



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