Sunday, October 2, 2022

Thanks to the following CW ops for the TR-45L testing!

On September 21 I activated POTA K-5670 - my 7th park activation with the Penntek TR-45L. The day before, I posted a request for others to call me if they were about, mentioning that I'd be using a new rig.

I also mentioned that I'd try to make a video of each of the callers - it's often fun to see how we sound on the other end.

Many folks responded and I worked quite a number of stations in short order, one of which was the first (I think!) TR-45L to TR-45L QSO. This, of course, was with Thomas K4SWL.

The antenna was a MyAntennas EFHW-4010 erected vertically.

As you can see, the TR-45L/EFHW performed brilliantly - such a joy to use. I had hoped to include more of the CWT but arrived late and only managed 2 QSO's in this high-speed sprint. If I'd gotten there earlier (as planned) the sprint would have provided ample opportunity to demonstrate the notch filter. Another time.

Muchas gracias to those who called. I appreciate your help in testing this prototype-at-the-time radio - a work in progress, now completed, by John Dillon WA3RNC.



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  1. Nice vid John. Congrats for your TR-45. It sounds quite smooth. I like the analog meters a lot. Specially this "old ages US" design. Enjoy your rig on portable. - P