Thursday, January 13, 2022

Incoming: (tr)uSDX kit

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UPDATE: My (tr)uSDX on phone and CW.

Just this morning, Manuel DL2MAN announced that his and Guido's PE1NNZ fork of the uSDX series of transceivers are now for sale in kit form with the option to buy a completely built one coming in March/April.

This is not the uSDX from China, available in various ill-conceived versions on eBay.

Rather, it is the latest update to what used to be Manuel & Guido's uSDX Sandwich, so named due to the arrangement of the two circuit boards that comprise the transceiver.

The (tr)uSDX is tiny and capable - 30x60x90 mm. To my fellow 'mericans, that's 1.25 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Crammed into that minuscule volume is a 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 meter, CW/SSB/AM/FM(?) transceiver that puts out 5 watts, weighs 5 ounces and has a built-in microphone. And keyer. And CW decoder.

5 bands, 5 watts and 5 ounces - a SOTA op's dream.

Here it is on phone:

And here on CW:

The kit as received:

A forum for the kit is available here - I'm sure it will become quite active once the kits begin to ship.

The first batch is sold out - those lucky buyers are expected to receive their kits by mid-February. I made the second batch of orders, with a predicted shipping date of 1 March.

Price, with shipping, to the US was 112 Euros or $133 via DHL.




Anonymous said...

Another interesting offering for backpacking. Looking forward to your build and review.
73 Dave kx3dx

John AE5X said...

I'm dreading the long wait but it will be interesting to read the results as the 1-round builders get theirs up and running.


K2WO said...

Very interesting John. Looking forward to your review, once you get yours.

Best 73,


John AE5X said...

Hi George - I'm looking forward to a POTA activation that results in a K2WO log entry with the rig! But for now, my old Navy skill of "Hurry up and wait" is continuing to be honed. Is it March yet?!


John AE5X said...

Tracking number (DHL) received today for my Group 2 order.

Robin said...

I see where the "CW test" embedded above isn't really CW. I'm having a great deal of trouble locating any brasspounder who uses this rig, who can tell me how she handles for our mode. Can anybody tell me if it's a worthwhile buy for us, or just a SSB set with a rudimentary CW circuit tacked on? Am I going to be able to stand listening to it for an hour? How about the OP on the other end?


John AE5X said...

Good questions, Robin - I've been wondering the same thing. Despite having received a tracking number on Feb 18 my kit isn't due to arrive until Mar 17 and I won't be home to receive it. Other Group 2 buyers should be getting theirs on that date also so our questions will hopefully be answered soon after that with postings to the forum.


Robin said...

Thanks, John. I'll be eager to hear.


Unknown said...

I just received mine last week and assembled it on Friday. Took me around 3-4 hours. When I first connected the USB... nothing. I then read the instructions again, where it said that I need to install the bootloader via the ISP. (I ordered a ISP programmer, but then remembered that I have a UNO lying somewhere) I programmed it to be a programmer and was able to burn the bootloader on the trusdx. Heureka, the display showed the SN I needed to download the firmware. The firmware was quickly installed via the USB and the it came to life.
I went outside to try its reception quality compared to my Belka receiver.
The first thing I found: the display is almost unreadable at daylight. I will do further tests, but I first need to hook a decent antenna.(the Belka receiver is quite sensitive, even with the supplied small telescopic antenna.)

John AE5X said...

Thanks for that info. I was under the impression that the bootloader came pre-loaded and that only the firmware needed to be loaded by the builder. I guess that only applies to the pre-built versions. My (tr)uSDX has arrived but I am away from home for a while longer. I hope the forum soon populates with reviews and other user experiences with the rig, especially when used on CW.


AC9YY said...

I have 2 of the units, one was part of a group buy/kit and the other an assembled unit from the approved eBay vendor. I have made 2 SSB QSOs, nothing on CW. I made my first contact to Bosnia, over 4,800 miles using my OCFD. I was in the noise at his side, but he copied me. The other was to a suburb of Chicago less than 50 miles from here and he said my audio was good and I was 10 over. I get good efficiency (80+) on both units and if I can find the capacitors will try building another for the hi band option RF board.

Mikel L. Forcada said...

I received my (tr)uSDX last Monday and I have already satisfactorily tested it on CW (using a horizontal MFJ-1788 magnetic loop antenna above my roof) on both the 20 and 30 m bands, using a paddle key (MFJ-564) and 12 PARIS WPMs. The 30 m QSO with Renato IZ5BBS was actually quite long and interesting despite deep QSB. I am looking forward to taking it SOTA with a linked dipole.

John AE5X said...

Hello Mike, do you have a "popping" noise on each CW character that you send?