Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Fool's gold

"There's a sucker born every minute."
Elecraft recently announced a new antenna - the AX2.

The AX2 is a telescopic 45" whip antenna with a toroidal inductor in series that allows it to function as a mediocre antenna on 20 meters.

It costs $80 plus shipping. No, that's not a typo.

Available for $8 is a 45" whip from Amazon, minus the 75-cent inductor and a $7 F-to-BNC adapter.

PT Barnum was correct.




  1. I read two blogposts today with complete diffrent views and titles. "Fool's gold" and "Fish in a barrel". When I first read the title fool's gold I had to think of pyrite, not really an antenna of some sort. A fish in a barrel well, it is explained in the text. I was thinking about a fish....not an antenna. Probabely because english is not my native language. Anyway, I'm planning a small contest for next year. Using a 50cm long antenna on HF and work best DX possible, you probabely already read about it on my blog. I'm selling these 50cm long antennas, custom made, any color. They only cost $160 including shipping worldwide. They are rated for 1W continuous carrier and will radiate guaranteed. Radials of course not included. And you need a very good antenna tuner to use the antenna on most HF bands. ;-) ;-) 73, Bas

    1. Yes, "fool's gold" is pyrite; and also a metaphor for something attributed value beyond its worth. And yes, I did read your posting. Good luck with your antenna - maybe Elecraft can give you a list of potential customers ;-)