Saturday, July 24, 2021

Video: A kayak-tivation of K-4417

A clean, obligation-free slate presented itself this morning so I decided to get my origami-on and take my folding kayak to Double Lake in nearby Sam Houston National Forest. That's K-4417 in POTA-speak.

A 1-hour workout of paddling ensued, followed by the second reason for my trip - an activation of the park.

As I was shooting my new magnum slingshot into the sky to hang my antenna, a park ranger called out to me: "I'm trying to figure out what you're doing!"

I then went on to explain POTA and how it helps with awareness of all the various activities that can be enjoyed in parks. The words project and awareness are catchphrases that imply that something more official is taking place. She wished me luck and zoomed away in her electric golf cart.

Over the next two hours I made 65 contacts, mostly on 20m and mostly on CW. Eli HA9RE was my best DX.

With the exception of a young 20-something couple playing frisbee, I had the park to myself. The young man came over to ask what I was doing and then again later to check on my progress. He had a Canon camera around his neck so we talked photography and ham radio for a while. Then he listened in as I made a few contacts on CW.

I wrapped it up by 11:30am local. It's gonna hit 100F/38C today so it was time for me to scoot, but what a great morning. Here's the video:




  1. Hi John,
    Thanks for the terrific video.
    Since getting my Icom IC-705 I have sold my KX2, KX3, PX3 and KPA-100.
    The 705 is a game changer in my experience.
    73, VK1FB

    1. Good morning Glen,
      I had plans to narrate the video but, once I sat down in front of the computer, I just took the lazy way out and let the pictures do the talking!