Saturday, January 11, 2020

NA QSO Party (CW) today with RGO One

I plan to operate several hours today in the NA QSO Party and will be using the RGO One.

This is a fun contest for several reasons:
  • Lots of participation
  • Only 12 hours long
  • Both high-speed and slow-speed ops
  • Easy exchange
  • 100 watt limit

Details of the contest are here (pdf). It begins at noon CST and ends at midnight.


Dave New said...

I operated about 9 hours using my K3. Lots of fun...

John AE5X said...

It was fun. I operated sporadically but hope to devote more time to this one next time.

Petr, OK1RP said...

Dear John,

I will be participating in FOC Marathon this weekend (31Jan-2Feb) all bands. I will be happy to make QSO as I will be using also RGO ONE to test it in real traffic. Do not worry that it is only for FOC members. Do not hesitate to call me if you will hear me. CU, Petr OK1RP

John AE5X said...

Sounds good Petr - I'll set an alert for your callsign so I'll know when you're spotted to the DX Cluster. Hopefully, propagation will be good to us!
73 and GL in the contest,

John AE5X

Petr, OK1RP said...

Hi John, howdy? What is new about your RGO One? How are you satisfied after some time? I am upgrading it now to latest fw 2.20A... 73 - Petr, OK1RP

John AE5X said...

Hello Petr - I returned my RGO One to Boris several months ago. I was just borrowing it at the time with the understanding that I would buy one when the kit version is available. I do miss it though and I follow along with Boris' developments with firmware and options.

How are you liking it?