Wednesday, December 25, 2019

PE4BAS in the log (finally!)

It was a fantastic Christmas day here with the family over for a traditional meal and an outdoor temperature of 72F/22C. Bicycles (but no icicles!) and good conversation were added to the recipe for some good memories.

As everyone was starting to leave, I peaked in at the laptop and noticed that Europeans were starting to show on 60m FT8.

The one EU station I've been trying to work was on 20m earlier this morning but no copy for me. But it was 60m where we were hoping to add each other to our logbook and, finally, there was Bas PE4BAS, among a horde of stations calling for Z81D. A few exchanges later, "R73"s were exchanged.

Bas and I have been trying, off and on, to work each other for a long time - either FT8 or CW, but no joy until today. A final Christmas contact, this one very long distance, via RF, just as day turned into night here in Texas. Thanks Bas!

Immediately after working Bas, I was called by PA7F and PA7TWO. Does this have anything to do with my trip to Nederland TX last week?!

I've got mixed feelings about FT8 and about the channelized nature of the 60 meter band. But they seem to go together quite well and I do actually enjoy the mode on that band.

Tomorrow we go to San Antonio to look at what very likely will become our next travel trailer. And then next week, back to normalcy and work... ;-(


  1. Nice to see you made it a item on your blog as well ;-). Tnx again for the contact. For me personally it doesn't matter how or with what mode the contact is made as long as it is carried by RF and ionosphere. I know PA7F and PA7TWO are both very active on 60m lately. probabely has to do something with Nederland ;-) It's all in the name...Have a nice day looking for that trailer...73, Bas

  2. We just upgraded from a trailer to a 5th wheel. Only got a chance to take it out a couple of times before we had to winterize it. Waiting now for spring. Will have it down at Dayton this year, at the KOA.

    1. We pick ours up this Saturday. It's a used (2018) 29-ft Winnebago. Our first trip in it will be bringing it home - it's almost 200 miles away. Winterization is something we don't normally need to do here - in fact we're looking for a campsite at a state park nearby for a late Jan/early Feb trip to try the camper out and all sites are booked on weekends..

      FB on your 5th wheel - that would take more of a truck than I'm willing to buy. During our shopping though, we looked at a lot of them and they sure are nice, esp when they have opposing slides.

      73 - John

  3. Yeah, we got an Alpine 34 ft. GTW about 15K. I pull it with a RAM 3500 diesel dually, which I get on employee lease from my employer. I plan to purchase one at end of lease when I retire. The XYL and I have plans to tour the country for a while full-time. I'm anxious to show her all the really cool places I photographed the last half-dozen years on my semi-annual photography workshop trips out west.