Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Hardrock-50 amplifier kit completed

20 Dec - UPDATE: Alignment was finished earlier today and the amp works great. 50 watts out on all tested bands (10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 80 meters) with 2 to 3 watts drive. Details and video after Christmas.


This was quite a fun kit to build and was more involved than I'd initially anticipated. Total build time was about 6 hours. That does not include the ATU option which will be added later. It does include the QSK option which is the small board riding piggyback on the right-hand side (with 2 orange relays).

Final alignment has not yet been done but initial power-up tests, voltage & resistance readings and band switching are all in accordance with what the manual says they should be. We have visitors arriving for the holidays so I won't be getting back to this kit until Dec 26.

The alignment is a simple procedure that will actually take less time than setting up for it will take.

I took a lot of photos and made notes along the way that may be helpful to others considering this kit. All of that will be posted next week after it emits its first RF successfully on all bands (fingers crossed).


  1. Wow that did not take long at all looks great!

    1. No, it all went together well - very clear instructions, perfected over the years this amp has been available.

      73 - John