Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Coronavirus'ing your way to a K4

True fact Number 1:
A medical lab in London is now offering to pay volunteers $4500 to infect them with Coronavirus in order to possibly develop a vaccine.

True Fact Number 2:
An Elecraft K4 costs about $4500.


If US labs can be convinced that it is in the public's best interest that they too are conducting similar research with volunteers, I think that K4 many have been swooning over could easily become a reality.

But don't stop there! Along with a kidney donation (I use the same definition of that word as used by blood plasma centers) to pay for the antenna system and property, one could have a pretty sweet set-up that would be capable of competing with the best contest stations.

These prices will fluctuate, of course, so act soon. Once the mass hysteria ends and the "Woke" wake up, that voluntary infection won't be worth the price of a roll of Charmin.


  1. You are hilarious, John! And now I'm wondering if they'll take ex-UK residents in the program(me). I do have a UK call. That might just snag me some proper Covid-19! And thus, a brand spankin' new K4!!!!! -Thomas K4SWL/M0CYI

    1. Gallows, humour - usually frowned-upon but ever-present!
      73 Thomas,

      John (still vertical) AE5X

  2. Thanks to the media coverage, I'm getting rich beyond my wildest dreams!
    George Whipple