Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Musical hams

Ronnie Milsap WB4KCG:

Incoming: 300-watt Class D amplifier kit for 630 meters

300 watt amp for 630m
My optimistic side has convinced me that my recent registration for operation on 630 meters will encounter no objections. With that in mind I have ordered a 300 watt 472-479 kHz amplifier kit from Dave G0MRF.

This amplifier operates Class D and its efficiency is around 90%. Operating Class D necessitates that the input frequency be twice the desired output frequency (at least in this configuration). The input of the amp has a dividing network with two inputs then applied to the (2) MOSFET devices for amplification. These devices are either all the way on or completely off - no in between. This defines Class D and results in higher efficiency than Class C. This amp is only compatible with non-linear modes like CW, WSPR, JT9/65, etc.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Chuck K7QO proposal: Time for a NAP?

24 years old and still works FB

An interesting idea is being presented on the QRP-Tech YahooGroup and it seems to be gaining traction. Chuck K7QO noted that the 25th anniversary of the Norcal 40 QRP kit will be coming up in 2018. That was the $75 transceiver kit that made Norcal QRP Club a household name for many hams who lived nowhere near Northern California.

The Norcal 40 was a Wayne Burdick N6KR design long before Elecraft came into being. Together
Yours truly, years ago - there's a NC40a in that pack
with the Norcal Sierra, the 40/40a was responsible for making the concept of outdoor QRP go from a niche pastime to something quite a bit more mainstream.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

"QRP Afield" with the FT-891 (at home)

I've been curious to measure how much power is consumed by a 100-watt rig operated at QRP levels. A value can be calculated but a measurement beats a calculation in my book any day of the week. Today's "QRP Afield" event provided the perfect testing ground I needed with an adequate amount of QRP activity.

I was house-bound for the event but operated from battery power as I would in the field. The main thing I wanted to know was how much of a battery might be needed for future operation from a campsite.

Friday, September 15, 2017

FCC Opens* 630- and 2200-Meter Bands; Stations Must Notify UTC Before Operating

Public FCC notice is here.

ARRL bulletin is here.

Lat/Long in DMS must be submitted. Find that info for your QTH here.

Notify UTC here.

Approval from UTC is required before transmissions can begin, or, if no response from UTC 30 days after notification, permission is implied.October 16 will be the first day stations will be permitted to transmit provided they submitted notification on Sept 16 and received no objection.

Even if you don’t think you will use these bands, REGISTER!  Doing so prevents UTC from future PLC implementations in these bands near your QTH.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Cheapest QRP transceiver kit ever

$2.61 buys a 40m QRP transceiver kit and gets it delivered to your door.

Description (in Chinglish) and more photos here.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Video: a Morse Chrome demo

Google has a new app for their Chrome web browser that converts text to audible Morse Code.

Though I am a FireFox man I do have Chrome on my computer and couldn't resist giving it a try. CW speed and sidetone pitch are both adjustable via the app's configuration settings.

Morse Chrome is free and downloadable here.

Check out the video below: