Thursday, April 11, 2024

Comparing prices of two 20AH LiFePO4 batteries: $60 vs. $265

A higher capacity battery was on my mind when I saw a posting on a POTA forum by Will K4BDA. Will noted the huge price difference between a 20AH Bioenno and a 20AH Nermak. With one being over 4 times the price of the other, I decided to give the Nermak a shot. 

For a bit over a year now, I've had a Bioenno and a Nermak battery - both are 12AH - and have used them at least weekly for POTA activity and as my in-shack 12V power supply.

Both continue to provide near their rated power - a bit less for the Nermak (11.5AH) and a bit more for the Bioenno (12.5AH). Good enough to give me faith in the Nermak brand, so I ordered the 20AH version.

The 20AH Nermak arrived the day after placing the order and I put it through 5 charge/discharge cycles, charging it at a 2-amp rate and then discharging at a variety of discharge rates programmed into my battery analyzer.

Two of those discharge rates are shown on the graph below. As can be seen, the $60 battery delivers the goods: 

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  1. But how good is the BMS? LIFEPO is safer than Li-Ion, but that price point scares me about the quality of the BMS protection

    1. I'd bet money that it is almost identical to that in most/all other LiFePO4 batteries, regardless of brand.