Wednesday, July 10, 2024

A week at the Colorado cabin/hamshack of W0LSD

Ken W0LSD has advertised his hamshack near Buena Vista, CO for several years now in QST and I've often wondered what it would be like to stay in the area and have access to a station with multiple gain antennas on 6-40 meters.

Our upcoming trip to Rocky Mountains National Park put us in the general area (though we will be staying in another cabin for that period) so we decided to book a week at Ken's cabin.

The cabin is beautiful and is located in a beautiful part of Colorado. It has 4 bedrooms, laundry facilities and a fantastic ham station. There are three towers, two operating positions with Icom gear and QRO power available.

For nostalgia, there's also a fully restored National 183D SW receiver.

If I saw Ken's QTH on a topographical map, I'd think "There's no way I could work much DX from there, surrounded by mountains."

But point the aluminum in any direction and there's the DX. In the three days we've been here I've worked all over the middle east and Asia, including such goodies as Cambodia and Nepal. I've not used the Alpha amps nor do I plan to. 100 watts is more than enough with these antennas.

Apart from ham radio, there is much to do in the area and we've been partaking of the photo and hiking opportunities this part of Colorado has to offer.

Next week we'll be heading north to another cabin near Rocky Mountains National Park for a week.

I have the KX2 and the FT-891 with me and will be activating that (and possibly other) parks while there.



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  1. Looks like you are having a fun time. Looking forward to the photos!