Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Help me test a rig; be in a video

UPDATE: All done - thanks much for the many calls!

I try not to post upcoming POTA excursions in advance due to unforeseen circumstances often QRM'ing the start time - but a few do occasionally ask, and this activation will be made into a video, demo'ing a new rig.

If you do hear me, please give a shout and get into the log & onto the video.

  • K-5670, Lake Panasoffkee Wildlife Management Area (FL)
  • Today, 21 Sept - 1330-1630Z
  • 17-40m, CW only

The antenna will be either a 44-foot doublet fed with 300-ohm twinlead or an EFHW fed directly into the radio.

Spots of my exact frequency should appear here.

I'll also participate just a bit in today's 1300-1400Z CWT Sprint to test the rig's QSK at higher speeds although my real focus will be on the radio as a POTA activation enabler (PAE) ;-)




  1. Hearing you between 449 and 559 near Toronto. Some QSB. Band is pretty quiet. Only a few other signals in the waterfall.
    Paul VA3ZC

  2. Thanks for listening, Paul. Yep, 20m was up and down but I managed 25 contacts in short order including one with Thomas K4SWL on 40m.

    The rig plays well - *very* well! More details to come...