Sunday, June 20, 2021

Retractable feet for the IC-705


At the suggestion of Jim KK1W on the IC-705's forum I placed an order for "Laptop Cooling Feet" to be used as a way to provide a bit of much-needed tilt to the posture of my IC-705.

The item was delivered the next day and seems to be of high enough quality to do the job and last a good while. 3M adhesive pads are used to afix the legs to the IC-705's underside.

The only variable to consider is tilt amount vs. stability. Too far forward and the stability is at its max but the tilt amount is quite small. Too far back, the stability is such that the IC-705 almost wants to somersault forward.

I place the feet as shown and am happy with the improved visibility offered by the tilt - and the '705 is rock solid on the desktop.

As can be seen, the feet are retractable and the '705 fits into both the Icom backpack and the Pelican-like hardcase I have for it, just like before. 

At $10, it's hard not to like.




Anonymous said...

John - Thanks for this great tip! This is an excellent idea and easy to reverse if you don't like it, inexpensive and very functional.

Tim K5TH

John AE5X said...

Hi Tim,
I'm surprised Icom missed this during the design phase - they got everything else right, so not complaining :-)As you say, an easy and cheap enough fix though.


Glen said...

Hi John,

I have ordered them. The Icom IC-705 is the finest rig I have owned in approximately 50 years of haming. The KX-3 is gathering dust.

Thanks for the heads up.

Cheers, Glen, VK1FB

John AE5X said...

I'm enjoying mine almost daily - a fantastic radio for sure.


Joe said...

Thanks for this tip, the foldout feet are perfect.