Friday, November 3, 2023

1st outting with new KX2 - mucho DX on 10/12m

I ordered a KX2 back in mid July - by mid-October, it had still not arrived...but an 'For Sale' ad was placed by a local ham for a 4-month old KX2 that he decided he didn't want. It had all the options I wanted and none of those I didn't.

My order with Elecraft was quickly cancelled and the new-to-me KX2 was soon on its way.

Today was my first outting - a POTA activation - with the KX2 and, man, I sure picked the right day for it.

Both the weather and the ionosphere were in fine form. I was amazed at the amount of DX callers and their signal strength.

The set-up was quick. I used the internal battery in the KX2, Palm Paddles, no headphones and a whip antenna mounted on the car, parked near my picnic table.

In 40 minutes, 35 contacts were made with 8 countries.

When the bands are hot, low power and simple antennas can do amazing things on the high bands.

The DX starts about 4:30 in:




  1. Great video John. Gotta love the little KX2! Wish I'd kept mine (along with every other radio I sold, LOL).

    73, Tom, M7MCQ

    1. This is my 3rd KX2 - I sold the two previous ones and regretted it. This one is the keeper!