Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Video: LiFePO4 starting battery for car?

I recently replaced the battery on my motorcycle and noticed that I had many choices of lead-acid or lithium-based batteries (Li-Ion or LiFePO4). I bought a tried-and-true Yuasa lead-acid battery but then wondered: Are lithium batteries available for (non-electric) cars?

Short answer: Yes, they are ($$$$$).

Why would I (briefly) consider one? 

Because I sometimes do POTA activations from the car.

With the engine off, the battery provides 12.4 to the rig. A LiFePO4 battery provides 13.7V - with an FT-891, this translates to 86 watts vs. 100 watts and higher current draw at the 86W level than at 100 watts.

So I use a LiFePO4 battery instead of the car battery. With Group 24 batteries now becoming available with lithium chemistries, some POTA ops may consider changing to a lithium starting battery.

Here's the video that changed my mind about that idea:




  1. Wow. That video was very informative. It reminds me, too, that when I'm in the field doing SOTA (especially) in the winter, I need to keep my LiFePo4 batteries warm while operating. Also, I shouldn't leave them in my car when temps are well below freezing.

    1. It makes me wonder about the difference in battery life of Teslas and other e-cars in Arizona vs. Michigan, etc.