Sunday, July 23, 2023

Video: Keying problems with FX-4CR

Here is a short video made during a park activation a few days ago.

Several people have asked what I mean by "audio artifacts" heard from the speaker while calling'll hear examples of that in the video.

But the bigger problem is intermittent loss of sidetone while transmitting. My T/R delay is set for 40mS and my CW speed (using internal keyer) is 22 wpm. If I stay at 22 wpm but shorten my T/R delay, the loss of sidetone happens more often. If I leave the T/R delay at 40mS but go to a faster CW speed, the loss of sidetone again happens more often.

I believe both of these problems are caused by the T/R relay.

I wish my rig were the only one doing this but that seems not to be the case.


Directly on YouTube




  1. Hi John, is the keying problem fully solved on the current firmware please? I am still thinking to buy this radio for fun (I have so many radios and nothing more needed in fact) but as pure CW op I am worrying about CW operation. Tnx, Petr, OK1RP

    1. Hello Petr, I no longer have an FX-4CR but am told by others that the CW problems "are mostly fixed" which is code for "it still has some problems". Other issues plague the radio to an extent that prevents me from buying one. Some of them can be read about here:

      73 for now,