Saturday, March 4, 2023

I did not write the copy for this ad...

A reader notifies me of an inexpensive alternative to the MFJ-1979 telescoping antenna I use frequently.

The verbiage of the antenna's (from BD7IBI) ad gave me a chuckle but I question the quality of something so inexpensive and I look forward to reading user reports when this antenna hits the streets (or bedrooms?).

As for my MFJ-1979, it is 5 years old this month and still looks like new, despite the less-than-optimum care given it...trunk of car, suitcase, back of truck .

Like Johnny Cash, it's been everywhere, man.

Now if only MFJ could be as creative in their ad copy...




  1. It's worth following the link to see the other ad images and text. I was especially intrigued that this product can apparently "reduce the sagging of erection."