Tuesday, November 8, 2022

High-band (tr)uSDX QRP kit arrives

After only eight days, my 5-band, 10-12-15-17-20m kit has arrived with bootloader, firmware and my callsign already pre-loaded. The kit came from China and was ordered from NewDIYtech, recommended by DL2MAN. A tracking number was emailed to me within 24 hours of placing the order and my callsign (for programming into the uProcessor) was confirmed via email by Sunny at NewDIYtech.

The only thing missing is an application of solder, to all the right components, in all the right places. That, and a bit of toroid-winding. No - more than a bit. There are 16 of those tiny metal donuts.

This and the "classic" version of the (tr)uSDX (10-15-20-40-80m) are relatively new flavors of the (tr)uSDX - the original version covers 20-80m. As a result, there is little info out there on how these newer versions perform on the higher bands, so buying one may be a bit of a risk for those expecting a properly-performing rig right away.

That's ok though - it'll be fun to experiment with, perhaps trying different component values in some places. A few others are already doing this with varying results.



The entire kit. Most of the kit comes down to winding toroids - 16 of them


Printed material included with kit




  1. I don't see a case. Does it come with one?


    1. It can be ordered with one but I already have a spare case for it so didn't order it with this (tr)uSDX.

      73 - John