Tuesday, November 23, 2021

RIB's - not just for dinner

C6AGU is - I think - currently (23 Nov @ 2230Z) operating as a Radio-in-a-Box. As I write, he is on 14.013 MHz working split.

A visit to C6AGU's QRZ.com page shows an interesting set-up that allows multi-mode operation via a 900 MHz link to a boat off-shore. The on-island gear includes Flex transceivers and a water-cooled amp. Power appears to be solar-batteries but a PowerPoint presentation indicates a fuel-generator power source.

W8FN mentions that W8HC and W6IZT gave the PP presentation at W4DXCC in September where they mentioned that their participation in this year's CQWW-CW (this weekend) would make use of at least one RIB.

Interesting stuff. Purists will probably complain. I would've at one time but now I'm in a "Take it to Bouvet" mood.




  1. INNOVATION! Interesting John, this is what the future brings us. Pure innovation. Very nice experimental vertical arrays as well. I really like this. Bring on the RIB. 73, Bas

    1. After looking at the QRZ.com page, I continued listening to C6AGU for a while. I could not discern any unusual delay in his responses to those who called him. Everything went quite quickly at about 25 wpm.