Monday, June 8, 2020

Propane conversion of Honda EU2200i generator

With Field Day almost here I thought some participants might be interested in the ease of converting a popular Honda generator model for use with propane.

This particular conversion kit from Hutch Mountain is for the Honda EU2200i. They also have other kits for different models of Honda generators to allow them to operate on gasoline, propane or LP gas. The LP gas conversion requires the installation of an included jet into the carburetor, but for propane/gasoline use, only one part is installed and no disassembly of the carb is required.

Total time for the mod is about 30 minutes and requires a drill, a stepper bit (or a 9/16th" bit) two wrenches, a screwdriver and a 9mm socket. Instructions are clearly written on good quality paper with plenty of photos.

Hutch Mountain also offers various accessories and I ordered the components needed to hook the modified Honda to my RV's propane port (a 10-foot hose and a 3/4 to 1/2 inch adapter, all with quick-connect fittings.

My Honda EU2200i is brand new but I ran it on gas for two hours prior to performing this mod. This is because propane lacks the lubricants necessary for a new engine's piston rings to properly seat.

I'm quite happy with the engine's performance after having completed the mod. The exhaust is almost odorless, the engine should remain much cleaner internally and the fuel used is now consistant with what I'll have with me on camping trips.



PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hi John, I never heard about running a generator on propane. So this was completely new to me. It is so simple and really something to keep in mind. Thanks for the post. 73, Bas

John AE5X said...

Hello Bas, propane use is fairly common here for commercial generators. A few experimenters even use it for their lawnmowers (maybe my next project). YouTube has a lot of details on what's involved.

73 - John

VE9KK said...

Good afternoon john, very nice video on the conversion to propane. I was wondering what is the generator run time on the cylinder of propane compared to a tank of gas?

John AE5X said...

Hello Mike - that's the $64k question! I'd love to do a comparative test but I'm uncertain as to how to go about metering out a known (small) quantity of propane, like a gallon. Easy enough to measure with a liquid like gasoline but, without a flowmeter, I don't know how I'd know when a gallon of propane had been used. If anyone wants to buy me a flowmeter, I'll perform the test!

73 - John

John AE5X said...

I did make one slight mistake at the end of the video - the best way to turn off the generator is just to close the valve on the propane tank so that residual propane in the regulator and main line gets used.

Wilson said...

The easy way to measure propane use is with your bathroom scale.
A digital scale would be much more accurate, of course.
Propane consumption will likely be higher. Propane has 91,330 BTU/gal. Gasoline 125,000.
There may be a consumption effect due to vaporization efficiencey, but I have no idea what it is. WL

BP said...

By weight. Use a scale. You can use a watt meter, like a kill-a-watt, and a digital postal scale. I've got a Brecknell LPS400 but you could use a smaller scale if you're only using a 20 or 40lb tank.
Run your load test, note the total kwh used and compare your before and after cylinder weight.