Friday, April 12, 2019

(1 April rejects) Impress your fellow DXers: become an inverted Slim

We all know about Slims on the HF bands - they pose as a rare DX station, using a false call sign, and have fun working unsuspecting DXers who think they are working Bouvet, North Korea or some other rare entity.

A new phenomena now exists - the "inverted Slim'.

This guy simply wants you to think he has an amazing station.

He uses his own call sign and operates on or very near an existing QSO (or better yet, a net) in order to have an audience. The bigger the audience, the better. Phone is the preferred mode.

He pretends to be calling an ultra rare DX station. No one else can copy this distant station since it doesn't really exist. The idea is for everyone on frequency to think that the inverted Slim has an awesome station, able to receive and work stations no one else can hear.

Imagine being on 40m SSB talking to 3 or 4 of your buddies late one morning. Slightly off frequency, you hear the following:

"X94B, this is WB5CX, over"

By now, most the 40m group has heard you, but not all of them, so say it again.

"X94B, this is WB5CX calling, over"

Now the group is standing by and this is your time to shine:

"X94B, thanks for the 5 by 8, Blzinkjokja - you're also 5 by 8 in Little Runt, Louisiana. A bit of QRM from a local net but no problem copying you on the 7-element quad up 100 meters on a Rohn 75 tower, my friend. Good to work you again here on 40 meters long path, Blzinkjokja. 73 for now, this is WB5CX signing off with X94D in Gzyistan - 73 from WB5CX"

By now, half of the group members are looking you up on hoping to see a photo of your 7-element quad for 40 meters. But all of them are impressed at your ability to work Gzyistan at that hour on 40 meters.

A few of them call you to ask you to join their group QSO but you, as an inverted Slim, are off in search of a new audience to impress. Maybe this time on 80 meters with your 10-square array.


  1. A good laugh! Who are you writing about? Are you the inverted Slim John? ;-)...73, Bas

    1. A real person (from many years ago) was the inspiration but I won't mention his call! No, it wasn't me...

      John AE5X