Saturday, March 31, 2018

Tenemos que mudarnos a Espana

Thanks to a typographical error by the FCC, the esposita and I will soon be moving to Spain.

Two months ago I attempted to renew my ham license and the new ticket came back quickly and efficiently - but incorrectly. My callsign is now listed as EA5X. Correspondence with the FCC has been less than helpful with them insisting that I initiate corrective procedures with Spanish authorities since the FCC has no jurisdiction with an EA prefix.

Radioaficionados de Espana has been helpful in representing me but the same red tape that exists on this side of the Atlantic is also a fixture in the Spanish government and they claim that no action can be taken due to the fact that the error was not issued by them.

As a compromise, Spanish authorities have stated that they will honor the callsign should I desire to move to Spain. With those words, the little lady and I have started packing our ropas y muebles and are now looking at properties in Alicante.

What initially seemed an insurmountable burden is now something we are quite excited about. We will be moving to the country that has given names to the majority of our rivers, from the Pecos and Frio in the west to the San Jacinto and Angelina in the east, as well as place names to numerous cities and counties throughout Texas.

Our move will begin on April 1.

Saludos de John Juan EA5X


  1. Saludos Juan, I foresee everything will be right tomorrow....;-) 73, Bas

    1. Gracias mi amigo Bas - yo espero que si!
      73 - Juan