Sunday, December 3, 2017

My first transcontinental WSPR report on 630 meters

Via a path roughly paralleling the gray line, ZL2AFP was able to decode my 2-watt ERP (45 watts from transverter into Marconi T) WSPR transmission. This marks the first time my meager signal has been decoded further than Hawaii.

While this surprised me quite a bit - I wasn't expecting to ever be decoded by a station so far away until I improved my antenna's ground system - what really amazes me is that ZL2AFP has only copied two stations in NA on 630m in the past 24 hours - and I was one of them.

Why me? WSPR decodes over the past 24 hours from ZL2AFP
There are numerous other stations in NA with much better antennas and higher ERP outputs than me, yet they weren't copied and I was. Is this an example of "spotlight propagation" I've frequently heard mentioned?

630 meters continues to hold my interest and, in the time we've had access to it, I've become a one-band ham.


  1. Hey John, welcome to the new “magic” band. It becomes adicting , LOL
    73 Neil

    1. Thanks Neil - I'm looking forward to a QSO on 630m with you someday.