Sunday, March 26, 2023

K3WWP - the statistician's QRPer

"Welcome to one of the oldest continuously updated ham radio sites on the Internet, founded on September 8, 1996."

The word continuously in the intro to John's (K3WWP) extensive website is meant to be taken literally. Updates are daily, and have been for almost three decades.

I started being a regular reader of John's updates soon after he started making them in 1996. Not a daily reader, or even weekly - but at least monthly.

Somewhere along the way, I lapsed, as other aspects of ham radio captured my interest. But, during a POTA activation a few days ago, I heard John's familiar call and we worked each other on 30m CW. That contact, one of several over the years, caused me to make a note to check out his website again.

I was happy to see that he's still maintaining records, not just of QRP QSO of the Day, but also other data; all of which is meant to convey the consistent effectiveness of QRP communications with simple wire antennas.

And check out John's Diary page. QRP contacts are described, not merely that might, some distant day, actually allow one to remember the QSO as opposed to simply providing a record of when it took place.

My log is sterile, data-only - John's is fleshed out with contextual details that bring the hobby to life and inject a more human element into the record.

If you've got a while to do a bit of web-surfing, John's site will entertain and might even serve as an "idea factory" of how you might want to adjust record-keeping details of your own ham radio activities.




  1. I've been following John on and off since 2000-2001 (start of my HF career). Quite a busy bee he is.
    I've worked him a few times as well, when he was more active in (what else?) contesting...


    1. He's certainly consistent. If I plotted out my own 40+ year level of activity, it would look like an irregular, mostly positive, sine wave as level of interest in other activities come & go, cutting into ham radio time.