Friday, November 29, 2019

Fully-built mcHF QRP transceivers now available to US hams

Too little, too late?

Apparently Chris M0NKA is thinking about offering completed mcHF transceivers for sale to US hams only, in order to test the feasibility of offering them full time.

Batches of 5 mcHF transceivers will begin being periodically offered for sale next week for $495 (shipping to US included).

This would have been good news and an excellent business choice by Chris a few years ago. Unfortunately, the market is now chock full of mcHF clones from China, currently being sold on eBay, Amazon and elsewhere.

Chris himself shares a significant part of the reason for this - tech support from him for the kit version has ranged anywhere from little to nonexistent. Anyone considering placing an order for a mcHF should first download the owners's manual - if they can find one.

When the kits first became available, there was nothing else on the market like them. That too has changed. Even the KX2 and KX3 were not yet available when Chris first started offering what was then a very unique kit.

I have a brief KX2/mcHF comparison here for those who may have the KX2 and wonder what the differences are.

If you're tempted to buy a genuine mcHF rather than a clone, I'd suggest checking first to see if support exists, should you need it.

In related news, I'll be taking my own mcHF for a park activation on December 1. Details here.

Here's the posting from Chris M0NKA:

Fully built mcHF tranceiver  is the new service we are introducing to USA customers only. This is only trial run to test the interest before further expansion. Currently supplied revision: 0.6.3.
  • 2.8 inch LCD
  • Metal case (speaker, buttons and screws included)
  • Mosfets RD-16HHF1 CPU is programmed with bootloader, eeprom and firmware

Total price is 382.30 GBP  (USA recorded postage included)