Thursday, July 12, 2018

"Same Sky" on Netflix

An interesting German TV series (English subtitles available) is currently available on Netflix. "The Same Sky" is a fictional 6-part series regarding East German activities against Devil's Mountain (Teufelsberg), an American listening post in Berlin during the Cold War.

Specifically, the methodology used against the facility in this series is a "Romeo mission" - the seduction of  female western intel agent by an East German spy.

Sub-plots throughout the series offer a glimpse of what life in a Marxist/socialist country was like prior to 1989 - neighbors selling out their friends and family members for the making of a political joke, escape attempts from the East by tunneling under their "wall that protects them from the fascist West", etc.

It's impossible to watch the series without seeing parallels to modern-day social trends in western Europe and the US with groups like "antifa" fighting what they comically believe to be fascism. The idiocy and treachery of socialism/leftism is on high display in the series and reminds one that the psychological disorder behind such a pathological mindset is far from dead.

Several scene transitions in the series are done with Morse audio - real letters, not random beeping noises - from the listening station. And in one 40-second scene one of the main characters receives his orders via a numbers station.

Some scenes in the series will offend those with certain sensibilities. Relax - they're brief and the series then moves on to other territory.

I hope other seasons will soon be added but it was released in Germany quite recently so it will likely be some time before Season 2 is even produced. If the series whets your appetite for well-made German TV drama I recommend "Babylon Berlin" to hold you over while waiting for Season 2.

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