Saturday, April 7, 2018

KX2 Go-Box kit (available in May)

Hans W1JSB's go-box packagings have always been attractive options offered for a variety of QRP rigs. He's now set to offer a kit of parts to allow a KX2 owner to package their rig into a waterproof Pelican housing.

I store and transport my own KX2 in a Pelican-like housing - having the ability to operate it from there, with all jacks/plugs conveniently available, along with front-firing speakers and a touch keyer (and space for a larger battery underneath?) seems like it would add to the convenience of this radio without taking away from its portability.

Hans mentions that the kit will be available in May. I hope to be one of his first customers.



  1. This is cool...might be interested myself. Right now, I use external battery packs like the ones you've tested on your blog. As well, my tuner is the Emtech...also external. So this would force me to 'button' things up a bit and get the factory stuff. would be worth it to tidy things up, and have it all in a compact package that gets me on the air faster. Thanks for posting.


    1. Hi Scott - I resisted internal tuners for a long time since I had the small external auto-tuner from Elecraft that I could use with any portable rig. But now that I've had the KX2 with the built-in tuner I doubt I could ever go back to the old way. Less stuff to carry, no additional patch cord and no need to worry about forgetting something. Unfortunately, the KX2 tuner is quite expensive (as most E accessories are).