Monday, April 9, 2018

Dedicated case (and more!) for uBITX arrives from India

A few readers may remember that I ordered a generic case for my uBITX a few weeks ago. It arrived and is well made - but an announcement from Amateur Radio Kits of the availability of a new housing, dedicated specifically to the uBITX, seemed a better idea. It arrived today - the other case will be used for a 630m project.

Front & rear panels

The case arrived via DHL, quite well packed with lots of styrofoam. I must have been in a hurry when I placed the order because I was not aware of all the extra contents that were included with the case. At $35, I was pleased with just getting the substantially heavy-duty aluminum case but packaged inside was the mounting hardware, front and rear panel jacks, switches, knobs and even a speaker.

Case and all the parts necessary for complete installation

I haven't posted much about the uBITX lately. Since it's not yet in a case, it must be strewn about the operating desk with an octopus of wiring harnesses and I don' tlike using it in what amounts to a fragile state. But I hope to get the transceiver housed in a week or so and will start using it more often then.

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