Tuesday, August 15, 2017

POTA activation reports and video (KFF-3056 and KFF-3511) - and a little quadcoptering

The new FT-891 is every bit as good as the eHam reviews say it is and I feel like I definitely got my money's worth. Perfect for POTA ops and easily transportable from vehicle to RV to shack. I have a different antenna option than the full-size vertical I'm using lately - more about that in a future post.

On Sunday (13 Aug) I drove to KFF-3056 (Lake Sheldon State Park) to activate KFF-3056. Such a bizarre place...I never knew it was there and it's only 40 minutes from home. An old fish farm, now serving as a destination for field trips for school kids. Aquatics, the environment, etc - you know the drill. And it's chock full of free-roaming alligators. Alligators and kids - what could be more fun...

The activation went well and was the better of the two in terms of conditions. Highlights were working DL2ND in Germany and fellow blogger Tim KA9EAK, both on 20m SSB.

Today (15 Aug) I had an eye problem - I couldn't see myself going in to work - and I activated KFF-3511 instead. This trip had two other goals as well - fly my DJI Phantom around the 500-foot monument and give myself some video to practice with. I'm trying to learn Adobe Premiere, a video editing program. Learning CW was infinitely easier.

Conditions were not so great so I was glad to have the quadcopter along so as to have yet another way to waste my time, er enjoy my hobbies.



KA9EAK said...

LOL! " Alligators and kids - what could be more fun..." I'm sure that is covered in the fine print on the permission slip! : )

Really nice job on the video. A drone is on my list of things I "need."

Thanks for the contact and the blog mention.



John AE5X said...

Thanks for the QSO/QSL, Tim. Mine is on its way to you - 73,