Thursday, June 8, 2017

630m kit completed, tested

I finished building my 630m transverter kit last night and tested it today.

The build was simple enough even for a first-time kit builder - minimal parts, generous real estate on the board, all components labeled and good instructions.

Even the three toroids were noticeably easier to wind than the smaller T-50 types that make up most HF QRP kits.

About an hour and a half, start to finish, including set-up time and finding the beige capacitor that I dropped onto beige carpet...

If you've never built a kit before and want to, this would make a good one - provided we eventually get access to the 630-meter band and you have room for an antenna.

My initial test of the transverter involved driving it with 1/2 watt from my Flex on 80 meters. This little amount of input power pegged my WM-2 wattmeter on its maximum 10-watt range. Too much power; too little wattmeter.

Next (above) I set up my Ultimate 3S on 3694 kHz with an output of 150 mW. A scope on the transverter's output BNC terminal read 80 volts peak-to-peak which translates to 16 watts. Not bad for such a small input.

DC voltage to the transverter was 12.6 volts from my solar battery set-up. I have no doubt that a 13.8 VDC supply and half a watt of input would drive this transverter to its rated 20-25 watts out.

I have to say that I'm very impressed with the simplicity to results ratio of this easy-to-build kit.

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