Thursday, May 25, 2017

Testing DXplorer with my WSPR reports

Since wrapping up the latest round of additions to my Ultimate 3S I've been transmitting with 200 mW on 20 meters. Low sub-watt power outputs give a finer indication of the moment a particular path opens and closes and 200 mW is also the output of the WSPRlite sold by SOTABeams.

But it seems as if the resolution of the graph is insufficient at showing band openings represented by just a few spots.

My data is pulled from the site accurately. Those spots indicate that I was heard by stations in Europe around 2200-2400Z. Other days indicate the same - that the best band opening from W5 to EU occurs just before the new UTC day.

But the graph doesn't show the opening at all. I am 8000 km from EU yet the maximum distance shown is 5000 km (from Canadian stations). According to the graph, an opening to EU never occurs.

The solution to this would probably be to use more power - 2 or 5 watts would probably generate enough spots that the graphing software can resolve them.

I certainly have this option if I use my main transceiver but the transmitter I'm using - and the one sold by SOTA Beams (of the DXplorer website) is limited to 200 mW and would therefore show the same erroneous lack of information.

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  1. Spotted by 17 VK stations last night, none of which are represented by graph.