Monday, February 13, 2017

A panadapter for the KX2 - two options

The value of a pan display is obvious to anyone who has ever used one. Elecraft produces them as add-ons to the K3 and KX3 but not the KX2 (yet).

Below are two work-arounds.

They offer a solution to those who own this little radio and want the big picture of who's where on any given band. I have no desire to try either of these myself as I have a strong preference for an integrated solution and would be more likely to choose an Elad FDM-DUO if I wanted KX2-like field portability with a pan display for home use.


VA2FSQ's WIN4K#Suite

From his website:

"The SDRPlay is now supported when used as a panadapter for the K3, K3S, KX3 and KX2.  This device provides a maximum usable bandwidth of 1.8MHz allowing a complete view of a given amateur band and supports auto-downsampling maintaining resolution as you zoom in. No sound card is required."

But a separate T/R switch is required.

SDRPlay panoramic display

I like Loftur TF3LJ's solution much better. He taps into a little-known-about I/Q output on the KX2's main circuit board via an isolation circuit and feeds those signals to a computer running HDSDR freeware.

Will we soon see such an isolation circuit available from Elecraft (or a 3rd-party)? I'm sure they'd sell like hotcakes.

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