Monday, November 7, 2016

BITX40 kit received from India

My BITX40 40m SSB transceiver kit arrived today 18 days after ordering and I'm looking forward to putting it on the air very soon.

I hesitate to call it a kit since the entire board is pre-assembled. Only the external components need to be added and they are all included with the board - even a tiny microphone element and four stand-offs for mounting the board.

Six wiring harnesses included as well, with headers at one end to mate with their board-mounted counterparts.

I had been hoping to install it into a Ten-Tec case I've had for ages but I think the case is just a tad too small. Fortunately, there is a Fry's store nearby so I'll be heading there tomorrow to pick up an aluminum case of appropriate size.

Looking at the board, I don't mind confessing that I'm glad the coils are pre-wound as there are a number of bi- and tri-filar transformers and a few inductors wound with very small gauge wire on small toroids.

All of that, with shipping included, for $45.

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  1. This looks really great, thanks for posting the pictures, etc. I'll be watching to see how it goes when you get it on the air. 73, KC7RYS

    1. I think I'm going to add the controls to the board as is, without installing into a case yet, just to test everything first.

  2. Well the BITX40 is put together and receives quite well. I have not tested the transmit function yet as I am a bit uncertain as to how to wire the 12V input to the PA. It has a separate connection so that a higher voltage can be applied if desired. I'll just stick with 12V but the diagrams and the text don't jive with each other on the BITX assembly site. I'll get to it later - just wanted to get the rx going this morning and am happy to report that it sounds great.

    I will be looking for a solution to allow finer tuning though - either with a vernier drive of perhaps with a separate "fine tune" pot in parallel with the main one.

    1. My plan is to, temporarily, connect teh PA power to teh power connector that came with the board, along with the main power.
      Add another power connector next to the main power, later on.
      I am waiting, in part, for the ten turn potentiometer and LCD frequency counter, to arrive from China.
      I have mounted the board on the case I have, temporarily, will take it back out to clean up the holes I drilled, and add openings as needed.
      I was going to see about a few parts at Radio Shack, last week, but alas, they closed the one that was in Ace Hardware in Ft Stockton TX. Means I won't get to one till mid January, when I go to see eye DR.
      The ten turn pot, with turns counter, will make for finer tuning, compared to the one that came with the kit. Was only $3.29 on Ebay, free shipping, LOL.
      Frequency counter, that is supposed to be able to do the offset of the IF frequency, was $11.99 free shipping I picked LCD, because LED readouts can get washed out in bright light, and, I think, will use a bit less power.

      Wayne WA2YNE

    2. Thanks for the heads up about 10T eBay pots. I started to order one from Mouser or Digikey until I saw the prices - around $30 each! I have one of those pots in a Norcal 40A I built years ago and I don't think they were anywhere near that expensive back then (1990's).

      Please let me hear how your build-up goes, photos of the finished rig if possible...

      I'll get back to mine after the New Years.

  3. Ordered one a week ago and look forward to mounting it in aluminum enclosure and trying it out.

  4. I just hooked up one but tuning is the issue for BITX40. If I turn little fast or at some point it goes into scanning mode. Any solution will be greately appreciated!
    Thank you,