Sunday, November 13, 2016

A most surprising QSO

At half-time for today's first football game, I decided to go into the shack and use my 1914 bug-KX2 combo and see how the bands were doing.

With the Yagi pointed northeast toward W1, W2, W3 and Europe I called CQ on 14.060 hoping to work another QRP station, most likely in the northeastern US.

No one answered for several seconds and just as I started to call CQ again, I heard my CQ being answered by a fluttery signal.


I almost fell out of my chair. His signal was quite strong, about an honest 579.

After sending his report and my name/QTH and signed back over to him, I started turning my antenna toward him and lost the signal completely even when pointed directly at New Caledonia.

Long-path, on 20m, at this time of day - and with QRP? Yep.

Turning the antenna back to the northeast brought Mic's signal back up to S7. The flutter was significant and I should have suspected that it was arriving via long path.

Mic was using 100 watts and a vertical antenna aboard his sailboat.

Thanks for the QSO, Mic - this is one I'll remember!


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  1. Via email:

    Yes, I cfm long path for this time, here 100w and verticale 7m with my sailing boat on the lagon (look at my QRZ.COM page). 73