Friday, October 7, 2016

"Frequency" on the CW Network

You'd think it would be on the SSB Network since all the characters are strictly phone ops...

The new TV show is a spin-off of the movie by the same name that was released a few years ago.

It looks like boat anchors and TV antennas constitute the station of choice when attempting a QSO with the dearly departed.

The entire first episode can be watched online here.


  1. Hello John, I guess this is based on the original movie with Jody Foster? I got that on DVD. We can't view the online episode here in the Netherlands. It simply isn't available here. I think it is possible to work around that, will figure it out later. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas, you're probably thinking of Contact. This TV show is based on the movie Frequency with Dennis Quaid:

    It was an entertaining movie, even for non-hams that I know. Not sure how well the new TV series will be...