Wednesday, August 31, 2016

When DXers lie

A sad story from QSL manager Nigel G3TXF regarding well-known DXer OK1RD.

Long story short, OK1RD had (it has since been removed) a QSL posted to his website confirming a contact with C21XF on 160 meters. It contained a personalized note and signal report as well as G3TXF's seal of authenticity.

Problem is, the seal was the wrong color, personalized RST reports and notes are never added per G3TXF's policy - and there were no 160m contacts made from C21XF. The very QSL faked shows the total number of QSO's made per band and shows none made on 160 yet he chose to fake a confirmation for that band anyway - DUH!

Once word of the forgery came to OK1RD's attention, the faked QSL image disappeared from his
OK1RD and now-dubious list of awards

While other DXers bemoan the damage done to the DXCC program, I personally am more interested in the psychology that made it necessary to lie and brag about contacts never made, in a game that, in the big scheme of things, really doesn't matter.

Read the full story here on Nigel's site.

Micahel G7VJR (of Clublog) has acted on this and other 160m QSO's that have proven to be fake.


On another topic, I've finally worked North Korea. Thanks Dennis - you da man! And, yes - I do like kimchee.



  1. Hi John, I wonder as well why someone does this? What does he have to prove? In the end you're doing it for yourself and when you die no one ever remember you made that contact on 160m ever. It is cheating, but if you're not feeling guilty why shouldn't you fake contacts or certificates. I guess you feel a lot better know you got P5 confirmed on 160m CW ;-) And I am so envious :-))). 73, Bas

    1. Good question Bas. Those who care about such things will now question the other awards mentioned on his website. Even those awards he earned will be suspected of being Photoshop creations.

  2. Sad story, but I love the Dennis Rodman QSL card :D

    73, James M0JCQ