Saturday, May 28, 2016

KX2 arrives, or: CW op makes a phone contact

My KX2 arrived yesterday amid bad lightning storms. First RF was this morning during the CQ-WPX contest. After quickly working 10 DX entities and a few Stateside stations on a variety of bands I decided it was time to plug in the microphone.

Here is the result (note the reaction of the other op upon learning about my rig!):

Initial impressions?

Receive audio with the built-in speaker is nothing short of amazing. 

The KX2 is smaller than I had imagined despite seeing photos and other videos of it in action. It's small! It is also ergonomically well-laid out with all the functions I might need being easily accessible. I programmed all 4 "quick memories" into each band to make it fast & easy to get around within a band.

The tuner has no problem tuning my tri-band Yagi for the WARC bands and even 30 meters where I just worked a new NPOTA station. I'm activating a NPOTA myself tomorrow and looking forward to getting this KX2 out in the field.

I'll hold off on a full review until after my TAT ride in July but suffice it to say that I am very happy with this radio. It is proving to be everything I wanted it to be in a small, multimode QRP rig.


N7UN said...

Ha! Yes, I just received my KX2 on Thurs but no chance to take it out yet...maybe today! Be sure to set up the TX and RX equalization settings...makes a big, big difference, esp on SSB where you can tailor the TX to your voice/mike. I also adjust RX for will be surprised at how you can roll-off audio response around your CW audio receive frequency. Have fun!

John AE5X said...

Hello Guy, not surprised you have a KX2 as well - I would be surprised if you didn't! I will look into the equalization. I've also downloaded the Droid app that interfaces with the KX2 and will probably be making the adjustments via that method later. 73 for now.

Anonymous said...

John, have never heard your voice! Ha Have fun with your new rig! Now put that mic away!

John N0EVH

John AE5X said...

And now you can understand why I'm a CW op!

Goathiker said...

Guy, What setttings did you come up with for CW and do they stick w/mode? ...Steve/wGOAT