Sunday, May 8, 2022

"Three Dots & a Dash" - a WW2 cocktail and a song

Three Dots and a Dash was a cocktail invented by Donn Beach at the end of World War II to celebrate V ictory by the Allied powers.

Recipes for it can be found online with original variations using three cherries (the dots) on a skewer, and a short slice of pineapple (the dash) mixed in. Some of the other ingredients are quite uncommon; at least today.

Sort of a high-octane punch.

And speaking of punch, the Punch Brothers - a "bluegrass" group from Brooklyn NY (I know, I know) - recorded a song called Three Dots and a Dash.

A careful listening of the song discerns no Morse-like rhythms to my ear.

But the music ain't bad, though it's more like Canadian Maritimes-meets-Scots-Celtic rather than anything I'd call bluegrass, though the instruments are the same as those you might find on a West Virginia porch on a Saturday evening.



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Anonymous said...

But you can find the V (..._) in the first notes of Beethoven's 5th sympfony. Rumors say that BBc played it in the D days morning 73