Sunday, March 21, 2021

Video: Activation of K-3495

On March 11 the weather was sunny but windy - the latter being a relevant factor in the video. I drove a few miles south of the home QTH to activate K-3495, the Battleship Texas State Historic Site.

I used two cameras to record various aspects of the activation, with high wind gusts almost completely destroying the audio when the cell phone was in use as the camera, especially at the beginning of the video. Apologies for that - it does get better after the first few bursts of wind early on.

Keep the wind in mind at the end of the video when I fly my DJI Mavic Air. The wind is still there but you'd never know it from the rock-steady stability of the footage; a testament to the technology employed in these gadgets. I did nothing extra to stabilize the video post-flight.

Despite having a very low antenna that day, I was able to easily work a few DX stations. QRM came in the form of a helicopter, a nearby train and the wind, which also hampered my ability to hear some stations.

A few passersby stopped to chat about the radio set-up and the politics behind an effort to restore the battleship itself. Is it worth $15 million to restore the rusting hull of an historic site/ship? That is the (local) question.

The 14 AH battery that ain't...will soon be replaced by a LiFePO4 battery that will meet its advertised rating, or at least come closer than being only half the stated amount.





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