Saturday, March 20, 2021

Internal speaker/back option for Belka-DX received

I received my optional speaker back for the Belka-DX yesterday and have replaced the original back cover with it.

Thomas K4SWL documents the steps on his page and I noticed a slight difference in his speaker connection and the one in my Belka-DX:

I'm not sure what change to the receiver's PC board necessitated the change.

Both rear covers for the Belka-DX contain a LiPo battery. The back without the speaker contains a 2200 mAH battery; the back with the speaker only has room for a 1250 mAH battery.

Original battery

The difference in listening time goes from about 20 hours to 12 hours - not an issue at all in my case, and the lack of a requirement for headphones is a major plus.

New battery and speaker

Although you may not be able to tell from the photos, both batteries contain a LiPo protection circuit.

I like being able to listen to the radio without headphones but, to tell the truth, I wish I'd known about Boris LZ2JR's upcoming rear panel that contains fold-out legs for the Belka. As it is now, to get any audio from the speaker, I have to have the radio sitting upright on its narrowest dimension, rather than facing me at a more operator-friendly 45-degree angle with legs.




  1. Hi John I have a Belka DX receiver and a friend supplied me with a very nice 3-D printed stand which holds it up on a maybe 4530゚ angle and redirect sound back in a loop at you very very slick thing if you like a picture I'll be glad to send it to you

    1. Thank you I'd appreciate that.
      johnae5x at gmail dot com