Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Can I rent a K4?

I wonder if this model would work?

Flex offers a refund for those who try one of their rigs and don't like it. But a rental would pose less risk to the manufacturer.

There are (rumored) a small number of K4's in existence - the rest, of course, are on hold. But regardless...even after full production has begun:

What if, before plunking down 4 kilodollars, I could rent the rig for two weeks?

If I don't like it, I send it back to Elecraft and I'm only out the rental fee and the cost to ship (renter pays shipping in both directions).

If I do like it, I keep the rig and pay the balance.

The rental fee would separate the serious potential buyers from those simply wanting a two-week joyride. The question is, how much of a rental fee would be acceptable for a company to offer such a business model?

I'm using Elecraft in my example because I think I want a K4..but you get the idea. With many rigs now costing $4000 and more, at some point it would seem to be a valid option to capture buyers who are "on the fence".




  1. Hey John,
    I'm glad to have run across your blog. We have some similar interests and common background. Back in the day (many moons ago) I was a CTT3. I became a Ham at age 15 and was very active for ~20 years before family life and career crowded it out. CW was my preferred mode.
    I enjoyed a 30+ year career in systems/electrical engineering. I rose to rank of Principal Engineer with Boeing and Northrop Grumman. I was working on a PhD in Engineering, but dropped it when I became a serial hi-tech entrepreneur. My email address is if you want to chat.
    Bob Steele, W4EGJ

    1. Hi Bob - we used to pick up CTI's (linguists) and CTT's in Japan when we were en route to "spec ops" in the NW Pacific. Dropped them off in Subic Bay after the operation and partied with them in the many bars that port had to offer. Fun times, now a million years ago it seems...

      73 - John